Over the past several years Empire Industries Ltd. has penetrated and succeeded in all of its undertaken business ventures, from its inception since 1963 to today; which saw the launch of Empire Industrial Centrum. This time we have again managed to set a benchmark in the Industrial Real Estate sector with the introduction of the first-of-its-kind Integrated Flatted Industrial Township at Ambernath, MIDC. This project is very close to my heart and I envision it as a pioneer of a new concept that paves the path for future real estate developments. At the heart of this project is an innovative and modern thought that addresses today’s problem, thereby introducing a new idea of Make, Live, Play, Profit and Prosper.



Building A2 (GUPTA) | Building A3 (PALA)

EIC’s industrial spaces adhere to all government regulations and certifications necessary to ensure smooth flow of daily manufacturing operations. With a deep rooted understanding of the locals and nearby locations, EIC’s strategic location passes the benefit of costs, accessibility, infrastructure, business utilities, quality of labor and hassle-free operations to all manufacturing businesses.

OC RECEIVED For Gupta & Pala

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Disclaimer: The images & other details give above are only indicative. Developer reserves right to change any or all of these in the interest of development. Any purchases/leases of this development shall be governed by the terms & conditions of the agreement for sale/lease entered in to between parties. Please refer conformity related to development phases, etc., with MAHA RERA registration number P51700006096



Empire Industrial Centrum Project shall be developed in phase wise manner. Customers are requested to consult the Site Office for details and update themselves with all the necessary details in respect of the project from time to time. Specifications and amenities mentioned in any brochure / advertisement / promotional documents / Site Office – show flats are only representational and informative. Information, images, visuals, drawings plans, sketches and show flats within Site Office shown in this promotional document is / are indicative of the envisaged development and the same are subject to approvals from appropriate authorities.

All dimensions mentioned / seen in the drawings / show flat within site office may vary / differ due to construction contingencies, construction variances and site conditions. Actual product / development and any other aspect may differ from what is portrayed therein. All layouts, plans, specifications, dimensions, designs, measurements and locations are indicative and not to scale and/ or are subject to change as may be required by the competent regulatory authority.

The proposed Residential Flat / Commercial Unit within Site Office and all furniture’s, fixtures, items, electronic goods, amenities, landscaping, accessories etc. specified therein are only for the purpose of show casing the interior layout of the Residential Flat / Commercial Unit and the Promoter / Developer is not liable / required to provide any furniture, items, electronic goods amenities, accessories etc. as displayed in the pictures.

Dream flat / Show Office is just a sample flat / office of a specific configuration showcasing the interior layout and is prepared with furniture, items, electronic goods, amenities and other furnishings for the purpose of showcasing the proposed residential / commercial unit. It is for representation purpose only. The Promoter/ developer shall not be required to provide any furniture, items, goods, amenities etc as displayed in the picture / s. All plans, specifications, dimensions, designs, measurements of the dream flat / show office are indicative and are subject to changes.

The view / s depicted in the picture/s are as presently available from some specific flats and they may vary over period of time for reasons beyond the control of the Promoter. The view / s in-case may not be available from all the flats in the Project and Customers will need to apprise themselves on the views available from the flat / apartment of your choice. All intending Allottee / s are bound to inspect and apprise themselves of all plans and approvals and other relevant information prior to making any purchase decisions and nothing in this brochure / advertisement / webpage or other documents is intended to substitute the actual plans and approvals obtained from time to time. Map/s are not to scale. Maps and Distances taken in Kilometers are approximate and taken from Google Maps for information purpose only. No representation or warranty is made or intended and no commitments are being given by way of this sample flat as to the accuracy or finality of flat in this “Empire Industrial Centrum Project”.

The customers are requested to apprise themselves with the relevant information pertaining to the residential flat / industrial unit of his interest prior to making any purchase decision.

The relationship between the Promoter / Developer and the actual customers will be governed strictly by the agreements to be executed from time to time and not on the terms of this brochure / advertisement / webpage or other promotional document. This brochure is merely conceptual and is not a legal document and the Promoter / Developer reserve the right to change, amend and modify the contents of this brochure from time to time. It cannot be treated as a part of the final purchase agreement / s that may be executed from time to time.

Customers are therefore required to verify all the details, including area, amenities, services, terms of allotment and payments and other relevant terms independently with our team/ company prior to concluding any decision of availing any allotment of any unit(s) in the “Empire Industrial Centrum Project” Project. In any event, we shall not be liable for any expense, claim, loss or damage of whatsoever nature, caused due to reliance placed upon the depiction made in this sample flat/brochure.