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Guidelines During & After Lockdown:


To ensure safety and well-being of all Empire Staff at all times in order to maintain business continuity

1. Preventive Measures For All

I. Aarogya Setu App

  1. You will be alerted if someone you have come in close proximity tests covid-19 positive or is at high risk
  2. The App is available in 11 languages
  3. Users are informed about best practices & relevant medical advisories
  4. The App is available in Android & iOS

As per Government guidelines, it is mandatory to use this app for all Employees

II. Preventive Habits

  1. Hands must be washed at regular intervals with soap water
  2. If soap and water is unavailable, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
  3. Wearing a mask is mandatory. Make sure the mask covers your mouth & nose entirely
  4. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  5. Maintain 6 feet (2 Gaz ki doori) distance from everyone
  6. Cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief/tissue while sneezing and coughing & throw the used tissues in a closed bin
  7. Do not spit anywhere
  8. Avoid mass gatherings. Not more than 5 people should gather at one place

III. Hand Washing Guidelines

  1. Wet your hands with water
  2. Apply enough soap to cover all hand surfaces
  3. Rub hands palm to palm
  4. Right palm over left with interlaced fingers and vice versa
  5. Palm to palm with fingers interlaced
  6. Back of fingers to opposite palms with fingers interlaced
  7. Rotational rubbing of left thumb clasped into right palm and vice versa
  8. Rotational rubbing backwards and forward with clasped fingers of right hand in left palm and vice versa
  9. Wash hands with water
  10. Dry thoroughly with tissue paper, use another tissue to turn off the tap and wipe it clean

IV. How to wear a mask?

  1. Wash your hands with soap before touching the mask
  2. Inspect the mask for tears or holes
  3. Cover you mouth, nose & chin
  4. Avoid touching the mask
  5. Discard the mask immediately after use preferably into a closed bin
  6. Wash your hands with soap after discarding the mask
2. Travel Guidelines

I. Travel Guidelines – Allowed & Prohibited Mode of Transport

  • Walk - Yes
  • Bicycle - Yes
  • Bike/Scooter - Yes
  • Auto – Yes/No
  • Bus – Yes/No
  • Train – Yes/No
  • Taxis e.g. Ola etc – Yes/No
  • Personal Car – Yes/No

(Yes/No - Govt. guidelines as per location to be followed for these modes of transport)

II. Travel Guidelines - For your personal car

  1. If you have to go anywhere by car, preferably go alone
  2. If you are giving ride to your colleague/customers, protect yourself and all the other passengers with facemasks. Make sure you have contact details of all passengers
  3. Disinfect your car thoroughly. Focus on the places you touch most often. Don't forget to wash your hands!
  4. Use contactless payment methods and mobile apps whenever possible during filling fuel

III. Travel Guidelines - Precautions while using Two Wheeler

  1. Always Wear a Mask
  2. Do not Touch your Face during the Ride
  3. Keep Social Distance at Traffic Lights and Stops
  4. Wash Your Hands Before and After the Ride

These are the additional safety precautions one should take care while riding on two wheeler during COVID 19 outbreak We recommend Helmet with full frontal transparent flap & travel alone

Sanitization of Car/Bike

  • Dis-infectant liquid to be mixed with water and used for dis-infecting.
  • Person who is doing Sanitization should wear PPE's (Face Mask, Goggles, Hand Gloves, Head gear).
  • Dispose off the PPEs after cleaning carefully.
  • To clean the car/bike once per shift.
  • Car/Bike cleaning to be done using normal spraying machine for quick cleaning.
  • Special cleaning should be done for frequent touch areas like door Knobs, Handles, etc.

Re-fuelling of two and four wheels vehicles

  • Two wheeler riders - get-off the vehicle and follow social distancing wearing PPE’S.
  • Car passengers - keep sitting inside, don't take-off PPE’s.
  • Use e-wallet, please avoid use of cash or keep exact change. Immediately sanitize hand after using card swipe machine.
  • Don’t touch / close fuel tank - it should be done by petrol pump attendant.
  • Don't keep the engine ON condition while re-fuelling. Don't use mobile while re-fuelling is in progress.

Public transport.

  • Always wear face mask and full sleeves shirt, while travelling on the public transport and should fold hands and try to avoid touching any surface in the public transportation.
  • Avoid taking crowded Auto, Bus or Train while coming to office
  • If you notice any symptomatic person in and around you, try to maintain distance and try to immediately get off the auto, bus or train and take another means of transport.
  • Keep your face straight, away from the person sitting next to you, restrict conversation with fellow commuter, don't talk on mobile phones, hands to be in folded position only. Maintain social distancing of more than 2 mtr. as much as possible while commuting.
  • Keep exact change for payment or use e-payment method as much as possible.
  • Employees should come directly to office do not stop in the way. Always follow no touch policy- do not touch any surface and if any surface is touched, then sanitize your hands immediately.
  • Always carry hand sanitizer in your pocket. Never touch your face, eyes, nose and mouth with your hand while commuting. Should not indulge in social interaction at all and do not have any conversation with other commuters.
  • Do not use mobile during commuting.
3. Office Guidelines

I. Office Guidelines-1

EIC offices will be sanitized before commencement of business and thereafter on a regular interval

Self-Declaration form to be filled at all Sites Offices

To avoid crowding & high touch point areas, usage of self-serving tea & coffee machines will be stopped. As far as possible, Employees are advised to bring their own tea/coffee from home in flasks

Sanitizers will be provided at every entry/exit of the building while masks will be compulsory for every individual entering the building

Employees to use (App if any) for daily attendance after reaching office/site as biometric devices will be turned off

Vehicles to be parked with a distance of 3ft.

Only one main entrance to be used

All employees have to form a queue in front of the scanning area with 6 ft. distance between them.

Face Mask is Compulsory for entry in any EIC Premises

Access will be denied to symptomatic employees with cough, cold or fever and asked to wait in isolation area

Hand sanitization to be done after scanning and before entry by security personal Hand Sanitization

Compulsory screening of all persons entering the premises will be done with the help of temperature gun by security personal

  • Once a person reaches at the Security Check Point, Security Personnel would greet & do Thermal check
  • If temperature seen is below 37.3 degree Celsius / 99.2 Fahrenheit then the person are allowed to enter
  • If it is beyond 37.3 degree Celsius / 99.2 Fahrenheit then person would be requested for 2 minutes (pause) & next check will be done
  • If temperature is as per norm then person would be allowed to enter, else access would be denied and the person would be asked to sit in the isolation area

II. Office Guidelines-2

No handshakes, Greet everyone with a Namaste

Do not share food, snacks, water bottles with anyone. Also, bring your own water bottle

Sanitize your laptops, mobiles, Etc.

Use the same chair all the time

Keep washing and sanitizing your hands every few hours

Avoid ordering outside food in office premises

No employee is allowed to step out of the office premises until he leaves for home or external meetings

III. Office Guidelines-3

Employees are required to carry their office laptops & important documents to home and bring back to office everyday

Maintain 6 ft. Distance

Don’t leave Desk unless required

Avoid Hard Copies & Printouts

Cabin should not have more than 2 people at one time

All meetings to be done on Zoom/Google Meet only as far as possible

Avoid Crowding Washrooms

Clean your hands with soap water

Regular Sanitization

Facemask Compulsory at office

IV. Office Guidelines-4

Face mask and gloves will be worn by facility staff at all times

Sanitizer at the entrances will be used whenever entering the work place

Arrangement for facility management staff to be made at company owned apartments

All common areas such as entrance gate, entrance lobby, elevators, passages, staircases, doors etc. will be disinfected completely using 1% Sodium Hypochlorite solution every 2 hours

All area inside the work area such as passages, meeting rooms, door knobs, common contactable equipment such as printers, washrooms, pantry etc. will be disinfected completely using 1% Sodium Hypochlorite solution

4. Construction Site Guidelines
  1. Social distancing parameters are to be strictly enforced at the work sites among the labourers, technicians, supervisors and others involved in the construction process.
  2. Face masks are to be mandatorily used by all persons during the entire period of stay in the work site.
  3. If workers are required from outside, special transportation facility shall be arranged by the Contractor/ Construction Agency without any dependency on the public transport system. These vehicles should be allowed to operate with 30-40% of their passenger capacity.
  4. In case of labour camps operating at the work site, social distancing norms shall be observed in working areas, sleeping quarters and as well as in dining areas. No gathering or close proximity among workers shall be allowed.
  5. Contractor/ Construction Agency will ensure provision of hand wash with buckets of water and mugs with soap and towel arranged in such a way that workers don’t have to gather around to wash their hands.
  6. The Contractor/ Construction Agency will put up display boards containing do’s and don’ts issued by Health and Family Welfare Department for prevention of spreading of COVID-19 at the construction site.
  7. Contractor/ Construction Agency will conduct orientation/training program for the workers in hand washing and personal hygiene.
  8. Workers of more than 60 years of age are not to be allowed to work in the worksite.
  9. Sick, elderly and people having symptoms of cold, cough, sneezing are not to be allowed to work at any cost. If such symptoms are seen with workers, contractors/ construction agencies will make arrangement for health consultations of concerned workers in the nearest health center.
  10. Anybody detected with Severe Acute Respiratory Indications (SARI) and Influenza like Indications (ILI) is to be immediately reported to the nearest PHC/ CHC/ Health Centre/ District HQ Hospital/nearest administrative office such as Block Office/Tehsil Office and all steps will be taken as per advice of the health center.
  11. There shall be complete prohibition of tobacco and spitting in work sites.
  12. Contractor/ Construction Agency/ Executive Officer in-charge will keep a list of hospitals/clinics in the nearby areas, which are authorized to treat COVID-19 patients at all times.

Besides, in view of the rising temperature, following heat wave preventive measures to be observed at work places.

  1. Adequate shading arrangement must be made at the work places to protect the workers from scorching heat.
  2. No work should be executed during the peak hours form 11.00 am to 3.00 pm.
  3. There should be adequate, safe potable drinking water for the workers and other personnel.
  4. There should be first-aid-box containing essential medicines, ORS, Glucose etc. at the worksite for the workers.
  5. Safety Health and Environment (SHE) parameters will be observed at construction sites. The Contractor/ Construction Agency/ Officer in charge of the construction work should ensure that all the above conditions are in place before starting the work.
5. Sales Office Guidelines

We understand that people will be sceptical and apprehensive about moving out even post lockdown. EIC would encourage customers to conduct their first visit online, however we have planned precautionary measures to attend to customers in case there are site visits. All preventive measures will be taken at every sales office ensuring business continuity.

I. Entry Via Main Gate

Customers will park their cars
Only one point of entry & exit to be maintained at site
Any other person entering the sales office other than customer, entry to be made by guard in the register

II. Sales Office Entry Door

Temperature checks and mandatory hand sanitization will be done at the entrance.
Disposable Masks and gloves will be provided as per requirement

III. Customer Waiting Area

Customers need to book slots for sales site visits.
In case there is a direct walk-in then, customer will be directed to an empty cabin & a manager will attend to the customer

IV. Customer Information Entry

Once the customer arrives, Sales Managers to be given access to GRE login for filling customer details on their own devices
Assign dedicated individual cabins to the managers & customers will help ensure social distancing

V. Customer Sales Pitch

Use of AV Rooms can be continued with adherence to social distancing norms
Construction site visits will be stopped
Only Soft copies of brochure/pamphlets will be shared with the customer

6. Sales Manager Guidelines

I. Before Resuming Work

Self-health monitoring
Employees have to take ownership in declaring their health status on a daily basis
Do not resume office in case you or anybody at your home is sick

II. Safety At Sales Office

Employees to punch in/sign in through mobile phones only in HRM Thread
Mask & gloves will be provided to housekeeping/security staff
All CCTVs will be operational
Employees to bring their own cups and water bottles
Usage of Air Conditioning will be stopped

III. Safety At Common Touch Points

Rest rooms to be cleaned after every hour or earlier as per the need
1% Sodium Hypochlorite solution to be used to disinfectant
Door to be opened using one's elbow/arm (Do not use palm)
Usage of high common touch points such as tablets etc. will be temporarily stopped

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